College of Law

“I started Irvine University School of Law searching for a window of advancement and found a gateway to worldwide opportunities. Married with three children and one on the way, the program range and flexibility allowed me to achieve a variety of things. While pursuing my Juris Doctorate degree, I received a certificate in Legal Forms Administration, founded Justice For All Legal Document Center, and landed a challenging internship. With the education I received at Irvine University, the possibilities are endless.”

-Rebecca Villalobos, J.D. Graduate.

“While attending law school part-time is probably not the ideal way to attain your law degree, it is, nonetheless, a great solution for those students that have existing careers and other obligations. Prepare yourself for the intense academic challenge, but enter with the knowledge that you can do this. Take advantage of the resources available to you, including the support of Irvine University’s outstanding faculty. They want to make sure you succeed, and you owe it to yourself to let them help you achieve your goals.”

-Ken Yueng, LAPD Detective