Student Life

Most students at College of Law are working adults, balancing the demands of their jobs with those of their studies. Some of our students are also starting their own businesses, and many have young families. We understand the tremendous commitment you are making to further your education, and want to be there for you every step of the way.


Commencement is a time-honored tradition that College of Law students look forward to from the first day of their matriculation. Each spring, graduating students make the transition from scholars to alumni.


Convocation marks the end of the Fall Semester as well as the calendar year. Held each December, this event is an enjoyable way for the entire Irvine University community to socialize and acknowledge one another. Awards are given to outstanding students, faculty and staff; refreshments are served and prizes donated by local businesses are given away.

New Student Orientation

Upon matriculation, students are given a formal tour of the campus and introduced to key staff members. Academic requirements and expectations are reviewed. Students participate in workshops designed to help them succeed in their law degree program.

Surrounding Community:

The City of Cerritos
Located in Los Angeles County immediately north of Orange County, the beautiful City of Cerritos offers a wealth of cultural activities, including the notable Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts. In addition to a highly enjoyable climate, Cerritos has recreation programs for all ages and a thriving local economy. College of Law students with families appreciate that Cerritos is known for its top performing public schools, including the highly regarded Gretchen A. Whitney High School and Cerritos High School.

Housing in the immediate vicinity of the University is comparably priced; students who commute from surrounding areas find our campus easily accessible from the 605, 5, and 91 freeways.
There are numerous dining locations, offering sit-down, fast-casual and take-out fare, within a short drive from campus, located in and around the Los Cerritos Center shopping mall.
To learn more about the City of Cerritos, visit its official website: