The SBA is a student run organization represented by a group of elected students who comprise the SBA Board. All SBA meetings are open to the entire student body for input and suggestions. Typically the SBA meets the first Monday of every month at 5:00pm. This is subject to the availability of all Board members. Please feel free to contact anyone of the current Board members listed below if you have questions about the SBA, want to discuss techniques the SBA Board members used to pass the Baby Bar and their classes, or want to discuss your experiences at Irvine University College of Law.

Board Members (Academic Year 2017-2018)

President: Gabriel Clift,
Vice President: Andres Araujo,
Treasurer: Tamara Belash,
Secretary: Gabriel Clift,


Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Bar Association at Irvine University College of Law (SBA) is to promote relationships amongst the students, alumni, faculty, & administration of the school, while coordinating activities & events deemed beneficial to its members and the school. The SBA is an advocate for all academic concerns of students. Through workshops, seminars, mentoring, & tutoring, the SBA aims to provide guidance to students taking the First-Year Law Students’ Exam (FYLSE/Baby Bar) & the CA Bar Exam.


Monthly Program

Student input has created a first priority of preparation for FYLSX, the state Bar first-year law student examination. Our monthly educational support activities and programs help facilitate “exam-ready” skill development in issue spotting, rules of law, application of fact patterns, insightful argument and conclusion (IRAC), and collaborative MBE multi-state question learning. Outside speakers and faculty present their expertise and insights to FYLSX preparation.


Analytic and Writing Skills Development

The SBA serves the student body as the forum for ongoing continuity of Dean Trent’s Introductory Program during first-year student orientation, through FYLSX study to the Legal Writing course and ramp up to the FYLSX exam.