Irvine University Faculty

Irvine University faculty are teachers first. How do we know? Because students and alumni describe their experience at Irvine in terms of their professors: caring, supportive, and committed.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. Irvine University faculty members are selected for their passion for education as well as for their academic and professional achievements.

College of Law

The College of Law employs only experienced attorneys by design. We believe it’s not enough to have a JD and to have passed the state bar examination. Our professors have been in the trenches, working in private firms, corporate legal departments, and law enforcement offices. Their counterparts at other universities are in the library conducting research – valuable work, to be sure, but not valuable to our students who wish to gain employment upon passing the bar.

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College of Business and Education

The Department of Business boasts professors who have earned either their master’s or doctorate degree, and have at least four years of work experience in the field that they teach. All professors are senior managers; many are successful business owners.

Meet the Faculty

The Department of Education is proud to have experienced teachers leading its MATESOL and TESOL certificate programs. Professors have either their master’s or doctorate degree, and are experts in their subject matter. Equally important, professors understand what it takes to secure a teaching position abroad (as well as in the U.S.) and can provide valuable tips for finding positions and negotiating terms.

Meet the Faculty