Law Enforcement Partnership Program

Irvine University College of Law recognizes the significant contributions made by persons who are in law enforcement  to the public good.  In recognition,   it partners with law enforcement agency officers to provide them with opportunities for the study of law.  They are eligible to receive up to 50% discount on all tuition and related fees from initial admission, through subsequent enrollment and eventual graduation.

The College of Law is a peace officer friendly campus. There are or have been students from various State and County law enforcement agencies enrolled in the JD program.  Current and past students represent an array from the Los Angeles Police Department, California Attorney General’s Office, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department,  Los Angeles Probation Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and other State or local agencies.

All persons applying under the Law Enforcement Partnership Program must be currently employed as a deputy sheriff, police officer, or investigator who are POST-qualified.

Recognizing the special work demands imposed upon such persons, all reasonable effort is made to accommodate  their schedules to insure that they can complete the courses leading to graduation in four years.

All applicants under this Program must meet the same admission eligibility requirements set by the State Bar for law study as do non-law enforcement prospective students.  (See Admissions)