Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I visit IU?

Irvine University is conveniently located in the city of Cerritos near the 605 and 91 freeways near the 605 and 91 freeways interchange adjacent to the Cerritos Auto Mall at the South Street exit.  It is a short driving distance from both Long Beach Airport and Los Angeles Airport (LAX).  It is approximately 16 miles southeast from the Los Angeles Civic Center.  Irvine University welcomes visitors year round when the university is in session. For more information and available dates, please contact the office at 562-865-7111.

 2. Do I have to wait until the fall semester to apply for enrollment?

No, you can enroll for admissions anytime during the year.  Please see Important Deadlines for upcoming registration dates.

3. How can I learn more about the programs at Irvine University?

Irvine University holds information sessions regarding our law program.  Please contact our Admissions Department at 562-865-7111 or email for dates and times of these events.

4.  How can I apply?

Getting started at Irvine University is, for most students, a five-step process:

  • Appointment with the Director of Admissions to discuss which program you are applying for.  If you don’t live in the area, appointments can be done by phone.
  • Submission of admissions application and accompanying forms: 2 letters of recommendations, statement of purpose, official transcripts and LSAT scores.
  • Payment of $30 application fee.
  • Apply for financial assistance if applicable.
  • Register for classes.

Students may complete an application for admission by visiting the Admissions Office or online. We recommend that these steps be completed a few months prior to the beginning of the semester for which you intend to enroll.  Students may enroll in the Fall, Spring, or Summer.

5.  What is the transfer application process? 

Irvine University will consider accepting transfer students in good standing from other schools.  To transfer to the University, a student must file an application for admission, satisfy all admission requirements, and submit official copies of transcripts from all schools previously attended.  Applicants who have earned units at another regionally or nationally accredited institution may transfer to Irvine University subject to evaluation of grades and courses taken. The number of credit hours accepted, as transfer credit, will be determined after an evaluation of the number of credit hours earned per course and of the similarity between the transfer courses and those courses required from the University.

What are the minimum admissions requirements?

To enter the JD Law program, you must:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree or a minimum of an AA degree or 60 units completed from an approved regionally-accredited or nationally-accredited college or university, or hold a comparable degree from a recognized institution outside the United States.
  • If a student does not have an AA degree or 60 units completed from an approved regionally-accredited or nationally accredited college or university, then the student may take the College Level Examination Program Exam and submit those scores to the University.
  • Take the LSAT Exam and submit scores.
  • Write a Personal Statement.
  • Submit Official Transcripts.
  • Submit 2 letters of recommendations.

7.  Is an Interview required during the Admissions process?

An on-site pre-admissions interview is recommended as part of the admissions process.  Interviews may also be done by phone or through Skype.  Early contact with your program of interest is encouraged when preparing your application.

8.  Does Irvine University have Internship Opportunities?

Irvine University does not have a direct internship placement service, but works with the community to find available openings for students’ mentorships and internships.  Interview Space and Recruitment Opportunities- space, facilities, and equipment are available by appointment to law firms who want to interview applicants on campus.  Course and program referrals are routinely provided to students to help prepare them for better internships. 

9. Does Irvine University assist you with employment or job placement after graduation?

While the University does not guarantee employment, salaries or specific positions post graduation, its staff advises students with interview strategies, such as information about appropriate business attire, resume development, job search methods, interview, and follow-up techniques.  Job Fairs in the local community are also available for our students to attend each year in the fall and early spring.

10.  Can I apply for a scholarship?  What are my chances of being awarded one?

Yes, Irvine University offers several merit-based and community scholarships on an annual basis.  Please see Tuition & Financial Assistance for detailed information.  Scholarships are competitive as we seek to attract highly qualified, motivated individuals who will make a contribution to the Irvine University community.  We cannot predict your chances of receiving a scholarship, but we encourage you to apply!  Please feel free to inquire about our scholarship programs by emailing