Office of the Dean – Dean’s Message

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Irvine University College of Law, thanks for learning more about and considering whether IUCOL is the right law school for you.

We are a small, intimate, and vibrant educational community that, for over four decades, has had one singular mission: To offer working adults a meaningful opportunity to join California’s legal profession as a licensed attorney. To help them achieve that very worthy goal, IUCOL offers a rigorous curriculum designed to provide graduates with the legal knowledge and skills needed to pass the California Bar Examination. Our J.D. program is nearly identical to those at many, larger and better-known law schools. Given our small enrollment, however, our program works more as a partnership between our students and faculty that combines the teaching skills of our dedicated faculty, all of whom are attorneys with years of experience, with the hard work and commitment of those willing and able to study law part-time while dealing with the demands of full-time employment, owning and operating a business and a challenging family and personal life.

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, IUCOL was able to transition to a fully online teaching platform. Due to the current uncertainty of when it will again be safe to return to our campus and classrooms, all IUCOL classes will remain online for the foreseeable future, with the probability that they will remain online through the end of 2021 and, possibly, thereafter. As with virtually all law schools in the U.S., and with legal education in general, the past year has proven to be both a challenge and an opportunity to review, revise and strengthen our J.D. curriculum to make it even more accessible to our students.

Regardless of how and where our classes are taught, the faculty and I remain committed to giving our students a legal education that is effective, rewarding, and affordable so that they may achieve the dream that convinced them that IUCOL was right for them. I sincerely hope it may be for you as well.


George C. Leal, Esq

Dean, Irvine University College of Law