ABC Adult Career Fair, Friday, April 20, 2018

On Friday, April 20, 2018, the ABC Adult School hosted a “Career Fair” and an “Open House.”
The overall fair was very invigorating and filled with enthusiasm as attendees visited the various
businesses and educational institutions. The basis for the fair was to offer jobs and career opportunities
to all those visiting the fair.

Irvine University and Westcliff University participated in the career fair and was instrumental in offering its educational programs to the many visitors in attendance. Many students visited our table and some signed up to be contacted by email or telephone.

The goal of the ABC Adult Career fair was to provide valuable information about a variety of career fields and jobs available. The attendees were encouraged to come to the fair professionally dressed in order to meet with representatives from various industries and institutions.  The attendees were also encouraged to bring their resumes. This was a wonderful opportunity for the ABC Adult School to partner in the community and bring awareness to various local businesses and organizations.

The atmosphere at the career fair from the start to the end of the event was very festive and jubilant.