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I want to point out two missteps in this exchange that caused me to stop reading as these sorts of things happen all the time with these FB posts and causes them to go in directions that they did not need to regardless of subject matter. This starts off as seemingly genuine dialog between two people and then red is the first to make a completely unnecessary comment..

please don't think your smarter than me in biblical terms. i know my stuff!

This is a clear sign he is getting bent out of shape, which is not the worst thing in the world as everything up to that point seemed fine to me and he appears to be getting defensive for no reason. Then a few posts down blue responds with this..

Also I am not talking down to you, I am trying to enlighten you.

This single sentence is important. It makes a clear position that I am right and you are wrong, so won't you just listen to me? There is a time and place to come off as an authority and, imho, this is not one of them. Making it clear that you are just trying to discuss the topic rationally and on the same level as the person you are talking with could have completely changed how this turned out.

I wonder how the rest would have gone had blue instead responded with something like 'I am trying to have a conversation with you' making it clear both sides are on the same level and steering the discussion into keeping things civil.

If red continues to get bent out of shape that is a different matter.

Impressing people with my Magic: the Gathering cards.


— I asked the father of the family of four what he feels when he hears the name of Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio."Terror. Fear," sa...

If the government runs healthcare

This is a common flaw in Americans "logic" against UHC. The government does not "run healthcare" in UHC - they finance it! Big difference!

The only place and I have lived 42 years under UHC, someone came between me and my doctor was here in the US and it was called "an insurance company" from which my doctor had to get the permission to treat me - never happens in UHC countries!

— Forensic science (often termed as forensics) is the application of a vast and various spectrums of science to answer the questions to a legal syste...

— Creative Commons License photo credit: Samuel Mann This 3-Part series on e-waste explains how to recycle old computers. Part 1 covered donating and...

My dad didn't care and my mom agreed with me even if she didn't walk out of mass (her best friends gay) and she'll probably not go to mass at that church from now on, she was already pissed at them for their take on abortion. ( she believes all girls should have the right and that the state should fund it for girls without the means to fund it themselves and the church didn't)

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Table 5: One Way ANOVA results on types of relationship on the Authenticity in relationship scale. Burning the midnight oil is not necessary. If the dial-up user tried to ping flood the cable modem, the user of the cable modem might not even notice that they are under attack because the significant difference is bandwidth capabilities. Be sure to stand at the door and greet your child's friends with a minor welcome gift - Handy Dandy notebook would be a good idea or Blues Clues coloring book. According to the New Testament, one cannot become a good Christian worthy of becoming a disciple of Christ unless he hates his mother. Almonds are an exceptional source of essential full of fat acids which is a healthy and natural hormone production in favor of men. Many men may object to spending such a large sum of money on what is basically a very expensive one-day, four-hour party. Examine bar spacing as well as the width of the bird's wing span to decide the ideal fit.

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essays on climate change
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