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insurance is just a symptom of a broken healthcare system, we might as well force auto mechanics to give return guarantees to people who come in with 10-20 year old cars for repairs, or computer techs who do repairs on computers for people who keep getting viruses should be able to just come back and demand free service, I am not comparing people to either situation, but more on that people should be able to choose who they do business with, we cant treat medical care as a service in one instance, and as a basic need for survival on another, don't try to tell me that insurance and medical care are two different things because they are basically married you have to have one to get the other. On a side note, why do i pay the same premium as the guy next to me who uses hundreds of thousands if not millions more then i do on mine? If I get into 10 accidents i pay more for car insurance, whether they are my fault or not.

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compare contrast essay assignment
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compare contrast essay assignment
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