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Except most UHC plans aren't balanced. Ontario for instance has been running a deficit for a while. So "free" is going to mean giant tax hikes in the near future as more people retire and stop contributing to OHIP.

Not that I'm against UHC, I just think people should realize this shit isn't being paid for properly.

Is it the right time to turn the tide, or should he wait another few weeks?

I grew up with 4 sisters, I had no idea when they were on their periods. I never noticed them acting differently while they were on it either. If they started acting like bitches then I turned into an asshole. Chivalry went out the window and equality set in. Gallantry is gone once any woman starts starts acting crazy; they're about to get a dose of the equality they worked hard for, and I'll be tearing them a new asshole with some choice words.

I'm dead now.

— In an attempt to better understand the dynamics of complex networks, the researchers developed a mathematical model to describe the interactions wi...

Michigander here, it actually is rather simple. Canada pays for the entire construction of the bridge, and I believe the only Michigan involvement is border control and such over on the US side. And due to the fact that a 2nd bridge will ease traffic on the Ambassador, it wont cost very much at all to the US/MI. The problem is that Moroun has been advertising propaganda non-stop.

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He was on the board of Naandi, a non-governmental organisation based in Hyderabad which does stellar work in providing clean drinking water in rural areas and supplying mid-day meals to more than a million schoolchildren across India. Commonly used in the solo, instrumental ensemble, or as folk songs and dances, rap accompaniment. That is why, the city is also known as the City of Lakes. We've seen all of this a thousand times, in a thousand different movies. China was the second one, with 160; we provide services in Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages and related knowledge services out of there in these three languages. The glass elements in the piece catch the overhead light, making the pendant shimmer. So meetings were always conducted in their hotels, meeting in the lobby over a coffee.

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