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— Look at it - staring you down so innocently, yet I know that your Linksys wireless router refuses to give you signal. Since you decided to place it...

— Shared by Doktor Spinn Of course, a personal online presence should be fitted to that certain person, and Angela Connor here has really thought ...

It's great... until you discover there is mud underneath. Mud that traps your boots that are tied on tight so the don't let any snow in. That's when you realize you are stuck in the mud and panic. The laces are now under the mud so you cant untie them and you just stand there freezing and scared until someone drives by and sees that you are under duress and pulls you free.

Thats the real difference between LIVESTOCK husbandry and Pet Husbandry.

Dogs that aren't bred as "just pets" tend to be a lot healthier too. I've never met a working German shepherd with bad hips or a herding border collie with CEA.

— One innocent man's ordeal as an Enemy Combatant.The following video is from CBS's 60 Minutes, broadcast on March 30, 2008

— B3 Telephone Radiation Tactical Guide : Beware with the radiation of your cell phone. Have it today:

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sat essay topics
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sat essay topics
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