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— Flowers students recognize international human rights day At least 500 Charles H. Flowers High School students signed 1,067 letters Dec. 10 in Amne...

Where's this closet? Is it possible for me to raid it?

— London, England (CNN) -- Simmering anger over government budget cuts will spill into the streets of 14 European countries Wednesday as tens of tho...

— A complete guide to growing your own fruit and veg, including allotment know how, crop planning - with information and tips on growing each type of...

"Because if you want to do something big, you have to be crazy enough to believe you can; and without that belief, the impossible remains impossible."

That is such horse shit.

Edit: He's trying to use this to justify his "craziness" (read: drunkenly pretending to masturbate on cars).

Uhh thats because police dogs are not trained to be nice dogs. It was to protect you, and not distract the dog.

You just found the entrance to the Cave of Wonders


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The relevant role of cloth external character, especially outward roughness and predicted skin contact area, is shown.
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