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FUCK YES DANGER ISLAND! Also, uh oh, Chongo.

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Next logical grandma conclusion: Ah she is trying to marry a lawyer!

Has it ever occurred to you that all of us have this? I'll brace for the downvotes, but we believe in our constitution which declares all citizens equal. We know by our oligarchical type major corporations and the 1% that this isn't true. Human evolution also tells us that there is no equality amongst humanity (think IQ or aesthetics).

However, this is only a fraction of the equation. We strive so hard on this subreddit to prove our intelligence and morals. However in a supermassive godless universe where we are just a tiny little spec in our galaxy alone...a galaxy that is only one out of 1.25 billion...does it seriously matter who we are and what we believe or lack thereof? Hell if you want the small picture of it you're a person among 7 billion and the world wouldn't be any different tomorrow if you perished today. This is the reality. It seems to me that we all "believe" in something to make ourselves feel better...or else if we interpreted reality for what is ultimately is...we'd be nihilists jumping out of windows. So why not get along together and stop being assholes towards each other? As a fellow atheist, I know I only get to live once...so I rarely post on here since there's no point in wasting time on a nonexistent God...but why do the rest of you post here so frequently?

You could rip your CD's with EAC or another program, it's pretty easy.

That was a game? Who knew?

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— My stats:938 unread work emails.1002 unread personal emails. The madness has to stop. What was once a 30 minute annoyance is now my full-time job. ...

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do my homework really don't want to a l l a h
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do my homework really don't want to a l l a h
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