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— If Facebook made a phone, would you make it your next handset? Millions of people might. Despite the company's public denial, Facebook is ma...

That monkey smoking is what separates The Simpsons from a merely funny show.

The only thing remotely similar to TF2 is the classes and the fact that the game is a FPS. Also the only thing it has similar to LFD is that it has "Zombies" and it's a coop game.

— EU Focus- In-depth treatment of important European issues and the transatlantic relationship EU Insight - A timely EU issue brief with spec...

Predictable failure and self inflicted isolation seems more bearable than the unknown rejection which leaving yourself open to others' criticism might (and feels like it definitely would) bring. Better the devil you know, even if it's loneliness, than the devil you don't.

I know this feel, if you mean what I think you mean, anyway.

Thank you for the article! Personally, i agree with your statement as Chavez being the main factor why crime and murder rate has increased dramatically since he took power, however I kind of did not want to mention him. One can talk about it and actually show support and proof for this topic but there seems to be people that find it hard to believe that a country that was formerly succesful can deteriorate so quickly because of Chavez. The truth is what it is, the country has gone to shits because of him, plain and simple. If you do not believe it, go visit the country and witness it first hand because reading it about it is one thing, living it is another.

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A cynical idea, but possibly rooted in truth when laws were entrenched in there original states, they were created and proposed by men for men, with the idea that women who served as a lesser presence in society, and thus were omitted from the statutes.
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