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— Analytic Geometry Review QUESTION #1 8 100 points 7 Determine the length of the line segment AB. 6 Show your calculations. 5

He always looks like he just silently farted and is smug about it.

Obviously 'no religion' is a line in the song and potentially an end goal, but for the most part the lyrics are about peace and love and all three of those people were proponents of such causes, regardless of to whom they may have prayed. One would be missing the main point of the comic to disregard it just because not every famous person in it is an atheist. In fact, to make being an atheist a criteria for being worth associated with the song is blatantly against the spirit of the piece, due to being so discriminatory.

I don't know if a handful of frames in a comic really amounts to hero worship, either. Virtually every one of those guys (and John Lennon) had more than enough faults that have been well covered in these comics. >.>

— If you could stand on Mars -- what might you see? Scroll right to find out. The full panoramic result can be found by clicking on the image and has...

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discursive composition
The parts of the containers with steel materials are the end frames and side rails.
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discursive composition
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