Office of the Dean – Dean’s Message

I came to the College of Law because I was attracted to its commitment to the student. Our faculty loves to teach. Our professors not only educate, but engage, challenge, inspire, and mentor their students. They are highly responsive to student needs, and proactively seek to develop new offerings – workshops, classes – to meet those needs.

This, of course, is not surprising given the origins of Irvine University. The University’s College of Law was established over forty years ago to provide an excellent legal education to working adults. During the course of its history, the College of Law has graduated future practicing attorneys, law instructors, legal researchers and administrators, and government officers, to name just a few of the highly diverse and rewarding careers its students have gone on to pursue. Ultimately, your dreams are ours.

I also believe the College of Law is special because of its students. Hailing from varied professional backgrounds, they offer distinct perspectives on the law. Choosing to attend law school while typically working full time, they are motivated and dedicated. The College of Law has an active Student Bar Association.

Finally, the College of Law takes a unique approach to the Juris Doctor program. Not only do students receive a solid foundation in legal principles and theory, but they also obtain practical knowledge that is truly applicable to the real legal problems faced by clients. At Irvine University, we take pride in hiring professors who, in addition to having earned their JD degrees, have also worked as practicing attorneys; while academic scholarship is important, we feel our students should have the best of both worlds.

When you visit Irvine University and enroll in the College of Law I think you will see this commitment to you, the student, in all that we do.

Dean's Message Irvine University

George J. Gliaudys, Jr.
Dean, College of Law